At-Bay Stance

Security so good, it’s insurance

A managed risk solution that reduces cyber risk exposure

We watch your back so you can run your business

At-Bay Stance™, the world’s first InsurSec solution, keeps you ahead of the game by identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating threats as part of your insurance policy. Our holistic approach to security means that your insurance policy actively helps make you safer.

InsurSec is the reinvention of cyber insurance + security

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At-Bay Stance Partner Integrations

At-Bay Stance Managed Detection and Response

Best-in-class endpoint detection and response combined with 24x7 monitoring by our skilled Security team.

At-Bay Stance Managed Detection and Response

At-Bay Stance Exposure Manager

Prioritize, understand and manage your cyber risk from every angle. Focus on actions that move the needle.

At-Bay Stance Exposure Manager

At-Bay Stance Advisory Services

Top-notch, on-demand experts to help you build the right security posture and keep you safe from today’s cyber threats.

At-Bay Stance Advisory Services

More ways we protect policyholders

At-Bay provides access to partners who can improve your security posture, as well as an in-house incident response team to get policyholders back on their feet in the event of an incident. 

Security and API insurance partners
At-Bay Security Partner Network

World leaders in cybersecurity and technology. Ready to work for you.

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Policyholder seeking help from At-Bay Response & Recovery team
At-Bay Response & Recovery

Our digital forensics and incident recovery experts are integrated with our claims process to quickly get your business back on track if a breach occurs.

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What's your cyber risk?

Quickly determine financial exposure to a cyber attack with our data breach and ransomware cost calculators.

What's your cyber risk?

Active risk monitoring

We employ active risk monitoring to watch over your business and help you stay secure year-round. If a new vulnerability is identified, we reach out with actionable measures to swiftly mitigate the risk.

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