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The Broker Platform combines the benefits of speed, expertise, and organization into a single, automated experience.

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Instant, Bindable Quotes

Use our intuitive applications to quote Cyber, Tech E&O, or MPL with fully customizable sublimits and retentions. Visit our Broker Hub to access Broker Platform specific appetite guides and more.

Instant, Bindable Quotes

Clear, Actionable Security Insights

Get clarity on your client's cyber risk with a Security Report, included free with every cyber insurance quote.

Clear, Actionable Security Insights

Self-Service Access for Your Retail Brokers

Cut down on back-and-forth between you and your retail agents by providing customizable access to the Broker Platform.

Self-Service Access for Your Retail Brokers

What Our Broker Partners Say

Burns & Wilcox

“The speed of the Broker Platform is unmatched. No slow loading times. No page-swapping. The At-Bay platform responds instantaneously to each click with zero delay, plus you get the flexibility to quickly amend quotes as needed.”

Kenneth Labelle, Broker, Professional Liability


"I have been working as a wholesaler for more than 20 years and the speed and efficiency with which the Broker Platform operates, combined with the underwriting and claims expertise, makes them a premier partner!"

Senior Vice President

Brown & Riding San Francisco

"From the beginning, At-Bay has wanted to handle cyber insurance differently and they have succeeded in doing so. From their customer service to their security checks in underwriting, the team is a great resource and collection of underwriters for your technology and cyber liability needs."

— Broker

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Ready to Start Quoting?

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