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Generate bindable Cyber, Tech E&O, and MPL quotes in less than 2 minutes with At-Bay’s API.

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Digital Platforms

At-Bay easily integrates with broker platforms to provide multiple quotes instantly, using a short set of questions.

Insurance Carriers

At-Bay offers a turnkey solution for carriers that want to add cyber liability as a complementary product to their existing offerings.

Professional Associations

At-Bay collaborates with professional associations to create tailored coverage and an effortless purchase experience.

At-Bay API

Our REST API enables partners to generate quotes in less than 2 minutes for businesses up to $100 million in revenue. Once you've gone through a few of our onboarding steps, we'll give you a token to our demo environment.

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Active Risk Monitoring

Our Active Risk Monitoring services are included, at no additional cost, with every Cyber and Tech E&O policy sold through partner platforms.* Cyber risk is dynamic and constantly evolving, which is why we regularly scan for cyber threats throughout the life of every policy.

In-House Claims

We handle all claims in-house with an experienced team that has seen it all, from complex ransomware incidents to large-scale privacy incidents, from Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. At the first sign of an incident, our claims team launches a response plan tailored to the specific needs of a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I partner with At-Bay on API?

    Email us at partnerships@at-bay.com to start the conversation. Once you connect with an At-Bay representative, we’ll ask a handful of questions to learn more about your business and how selling At-Bay products can enhance your business. If you’re a good fit, we’ll ask you to complete the required paperwork and provide you with our API documentation and start building together.

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  • Does At-Bay offer the same coverage on API?

    Yes, our partners get equal access to the same great insurance coverage over API as they would through other channels. Clients with up to $1 billion in revenues are quotable with underwriter approval.

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  • Who underwrites At-Bay policies submitted on API?

    Our digital platform provides auto-quotes for most API submissions to give you insurance quotes as quickly as possible. Our experienced team of underwriters manages the more complex digital submissions, to provide a comprehensive solution to your portfolio of business.

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  • Why should I offer cyber coverage?

    Every business is a technology business these days. Cyber risk is dynamic and constantly evolving, and most businesses don’t have the resources to address cyber risk on their own. That’s where At-Bay comes in.

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  • Why should I offer Tech E&O coverage?

    Technology Errors and Omissions insurance, also known as Tech E&O, protects technology businesses in the event that their services or products fail. At-Bay is one of the few insurance providers that offers comprehensive Tech E&O coverage that includes full cyber liability via API, and our enhanced Tech E&O experience makes it easier than ever to get instant, bindable quotes.

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  • Where is At-Bay licensed to write insurance?

    At-Bay is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states (including Hawaii and Alaska), as well as Washington D.C.

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*Active Risk Monitoring is only available for At-Bay Cyber and Tech E&O policyholders with a unique web domain.

All products may not be available in all states.