At-Bay Response & Recovery

Getting you back on track ASAP

Curb attacks, minimize damage, and get back on your feet faster

In the event of a security breach, our Response & Recovery team springs into action. They’ll immediately help you understand the root cause of the problem, and manage the entire recovery process to restore operations and help avoid future attacks.

Policyholders getting help from At-Bay's Response & Recovery team

Top talent, industry-leading tools

As part of our response, our team uses an advanced suite of cybersecurity tools to run in-depth digital forensics on your entire IT infrastructure. That way you’ll recover more quickly from an incident, minimize fallout, and harden your stance against future attacks.

Top talent, industry-leading tools

Experience you can count on

The At-Bay Response & Recovery team is staffed by experts with decades of global cybersecurity experience across commercial, military, intelligence, and law enforcement. That’s a world of capability at work for you.

Experience you can count on

SMBs report an average claim cost of $170,000 per incident. With At-Bay Response & Recovery, you get the expertise you need, when you need it.

NetDiligence, 2022 Cyber Claims Study

Meet the team


Larry Crocker

Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

Senior Engagement Manager, Incident Response

Response & Recovery is integrated with the At-Bay claims process. Learn more about claims and all the ways At-Bay Stance™, our InsurSec platform, can help minimize your digital risk.