A Modern Way to Manage Digital Risk

Cyber risk is highly complex and constantly changing. Most organizations don’t have the resources to address cyber risk on their own, yet a cyber attack can cost millions in lost revenue and brand reputation. As a company founded by cyber experts, At-Bay wants to help you prevent loss before it ever happens.

Cyber security analyst using tablet

How active cyber risk monitoring works

Assess client risk like a hacker

With every policy we quote, our security team scans the client's system to identify vulnerabilities, just like an attacker would.

Actionable insights

Findings from the security scan are presented in clear language with actionable insights that empower you to help the client improve their security.

Active risk monitoring

We actively monitor every customer's network throughout the life of the policy, at no additional cost. If a new vulnerability is identified, we reach out with actionable measures to swiftly mitigate the risk.

Better security means better coverage

In the technically complex, fast-changing world of cyber risk, actuarial tables are forever a step behind. At-Bay's in-depth, real-time view into digital risk enables us to offer better coverage, minimizing your exposure.

The real-world impact of modern risk management

Our security team has helped insureds avoid millions in potential losses before hackers even had a chance.

Case Studies

Manufacturer Secures FTP Port to Deter Malicious File Uploads

Case Studies

Engineering Firm Mitigates Data Risk Found in Security Scan to Obtain Cyber Coverage

Case Studies

At-Bay Helps Transportation District Improve Data Security and Upgrade Cyber Insurance

What's your cyber risk?

Quickly determine your client's financial exposure to a cyber attack with our data breach and ransomware cost calculators.

What's your cyber risk?
Actionable security insights

Actionable security insights

Our Security Report empowers you with clear and actionable recommendations to help your client manage their digital risk.