Managed Security Interest Form

Thank you for indicating interest in At-Bay’s Managed Security solutions. Managed Security is only available to At-Bay Cyber and Tech E&O surplus policyholders via the Embedded Security fee and corresponding Embedded Security Endorsement. Please refer to your Policy Declarations to see if Managed Security is available to you.


If you are an At-Bay policyholder with an Embedded Security Endorsement, please fill out this brief intake form and our Managed Security team will reach out shortly.



Security Topics

  • Vulnerability Management: Identify and remediate vulnerabilities discovered in the technology environment (e.g., support to mitigate an active vulnerability, implementation support for a vulnerability monitoring tool, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, general information about vulnerability management and mitigation)
  • Endpoint Protection: Monitor endpoints for malicious activity including the presence of malware (e.g., implementation support for an endpoint protection tool, endpoint protection provider, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, general information about endpoint protection)
  • Email Security: Identify and eliminate malicious emails and email attachments (e.g., cloud migration support, phishing simulation and assessment, implementation support for an email security tool, Secure Email Gateway (SEG) provider, general information about email security)
  • Access Controls: Restrict and monitor the usage of privileges to access business critical data and systems (e.g., implementation support for an access controls tool, Identity / Privileged Access Management (IAM / PAM) provider, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) provider, general information about access controls)
  • Security Education and Training: Build awareness to mitigate the risk that insureds will fall victim to social engineering (e.g., tabletop exercise, cybersecurity awareness training, general information about security education and training)
  • Resilience: Resist system outages and rapidly recover from damaging cyber incidents (e.g., implementation support for a backup tool, backup readiness assessment, offline backup solution provider, general information about security resilience)