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Insurance for the digital age.

In a complex digital world, a great insurance policy isn't enough. Our cyber experts are committed to working relentlessly to keep you secure.

Coverage tailored to your business and technology.

Our comprehensive, proprietary insurance policy, thoughtful pricing and quick and insightful underwriting give clients the coverage their technology deserves.

Coverage Areas

Data Breach

Covers third-party liability from a private data breach, incident response, forensics, PR, legal services, notification and credit monitoring (first-party). We also cover fines, regulatory assessments and expenses.

Cyber Attack

Covers third-party cyber liability, incident response, forensics, PR, data restoration, data re-creation, and first-party system restoration as a result of a cyber attack.

Business Interruption

Covers reimbursement of net income lost, cost of continuing normal operating expenses during downtime, and other costs. We also cover contingent business interruption.


Covers extortion loss (or payment) as well as costs associated with qualifying and dealing with the event.

Financial Fraud

Covers fraudulent funds transfer loss (i.e., social engineering) and computer crime-related losses.

Media Liability

Covers third-party liability for media disputes on websites and social media accounts of the insured's company and its senior executives, as well as first-party PR costs.

Risk Management

In a dynamic risk environment, the policy is just the start of our partnership.

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Active Risk Management

Taking a hacker's perspective, we find your vulnerabilities before they do, and work with you, year-round, to control them.

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Risk Assessment

Each quote includes a detailed assessment of security strength and financial exposure. Quarterly updates help your clients stay on top of a fast changing risk.

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Incident Management

Our experts are here for you to help minimize loss, so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Give your clients the risk insights they deserve.

Brokers, we scan and score the security of your clients, and provide you with unique insights into their risk. We pair that with financial exposure analysis and purchase and claims benchmarks — all in a seamless platform.

Security Analysis Report

We measure the security performance of your clients by discovering their technologies, scanning for vulnerabilities and analyzing threat intelligence. We provide you and your client with summary findings and their implications, to give you unique insights into their risk.

Financial Exposure Analysis

Run scenarios on how much a data breach is expected to cost your client. A polished user interface helps you inform your client about their exposure.

An Application that Takes Minutes

With a collaborative, online application and 48-hour turnaround for submissions, we’ve made applications as simple as they ought to be.

Benchmarks & Case Studies

Give your clients breach case studies that are specific to their industry and size. Benchmarking data on security, loss and insurance purchases help facilitate a more thoughtful discussion on coverage needs.