What we do


we’re solving a really big and complex problem. Technology unlocks incredible opportunities for companies to better serve their customers but also opens them up to new huge risks. There is no way to eliminate the risk, but managing it requires an understanding of what matters. Insurance has a unique vantage point: it really needs to figure out what matters (because its money is on the line) and it gets to see multiple cases. Historically, insurance has always played a huge role in controlling for new risks - but is unequipped to solve this highly technical, complex and fast changing risk. So we are building a new insurance company, designed for digital risks, and with a mission to help our customers take on tomorrow with confidence.

How we do it


We inquire.

We learn, experiment, hack, fail, grind, challenge everything, question everything, obsess, persevere. We ask for forgiveness and not permission. We figure s**t out.

We aim high.

We’re ambitious in our plans, aspirational in targets. We’re passionate about excellence. We’re here to make a real dent on the world.

We work together.

We need each other to push our thinking. We’re ego-less in solving problems and realize this problem brings together multiple and highly diverse disciplines.

We care.

About the company, and its success, but more importantly, about our community. We come from different backgrounds and thrive on different perspectives. We care deeply for each other, and have a ton of fun together.

Open positions